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About the Nautilus Magic Apartment


            The Nautilus Magic Apartment is a 53 m² high standard apartment situated just 500 meters away from Disneyland Paris. Located at second floor of a very calm residence built in 2007, in peaceful green surroundings, this lovely accommodation is the ideal way to enjoy Disneyland during a romantic stay or a honeymoon.


The Nautilus suite apartment is bright, comfortable, and its panoramic terrace of 10m² looks over Disneyland rides and a wonderful 30-hectare green park land.

Why this apartment is different than hotel rooms and other accommodations available in Disneyland area ? Because it's enchanting and magical!

When you will open the door of the Nautilus suite apartment, you will be immediatly charmed by the atmosphere. The cozy luxurious living room will make you relax, the out of ordinary bedroom will amaze you with its artificial ficus trees and its outstanding starfield ceiling, the unique toilet Nautilus scenography will leave you absolutely speechless, and every summer night, you will enjoy the Disneyland firework while drinking champagne on the panoramic terrace!

Our welcome gifts: a bouquet of flowers, a Mickey Mouse plush, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of prestigious Matayac red wine, a box of chocolates from Fauchon, and a few Disneyland maps and brochures.

Welcome to the Nautilus Magic Apartment!



Rent a flat Disneyland Paris
If you want to rent a high standard apartment just near Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, you can rent the Nautilus Magic Apartment, which will offer you an ideal accommodation if you want to surprise your loved one during a romantic getaway in Disneyland Paris. Renting a suite apartment a few steps away from Disneyland Paris is the best way to enjoy Disneyland in a creative way for a stay or a week-end you will never forget. More personal than any hotel around Disneyland, this unique flat is located in Montévrain, just near Chessy, Serris, la Vallée Village, Sea Life and the Golf Disneyland course. To rent a flat near Disneyland Paris, you have now the possibility to rent a private apartment different than any other hotel or accommodation available in the Disneyland Paris area. This luxurious flat is mainly famous for its fairy-like interior design and for its Nautilus submarine toilet, a very special toilet with an amazing decoration based on the Jules Verne book "20000 Leagues Under the Sea".